Stallwallen is a small company working with animals and handicraft. The focus is on sustainability and ethical produce. One of the main products is ecologically tanned pelts and leather. We use traditional methods that do not harm the environment. The skins mainly originate from our own animals or from wild life hunted or fished in the area. To some degree, we also tan skins for other people.

Skins and leather

Sheepskins can look very different depending on the type of sheep, when it was sheered and how it has been treated. The same goes for other skins. The time of year makes a difference, the age of the animal etc. It also shows if the animals have not been cared for well so it definitely pays to make sure all animals have good conditions and that they have not been stressed or badly treated at any point. We work together with local hunters and fishers in order to procure high quality raw materials but also so that the hunters learn to appreciate their prey from a wider perspective. The aim is to utilize all of the animal so that there is minimum waste. The wonderful thing about traditional tanning on this scale, is that we can adapt the method depending on the raw material or what we want to use the skins for. Sometimes the hairs will not stay on and then we can make it into leather. Sometimes most of the skin is damaged but parts are very nice, then we use what is good. Even small pieces can be of useful when making products.



Stallwallen also sells products made from skin, leather, wool and other natural raw materials, as well as, sterling silver. Some items are ready but most of the time we make them to order. It can be anything from a special sheepskin (particular breed, colour, length of wool), a bracelet made from the hairs from your own horse, or a bespoke fur hat. Feel free to contact us if you have some idea you want to explore or if anything in the gallery of photos interests you.